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im stuck with something here.

Ive been trying to create a polygon shape with Libgdx and the in built Box2d classes. my codes are the following. I create 8 vectors in an array and draw the object. the polygone shape starts at (82,0) of world coordinates.

            Vector2[] vertices = new Vector2[8];

    vertices[0] = new Vector2(82f  , 0f  );
    vertices[1] = new Vector2(146f , 40f  );
    vertices[2] = new Vector2(385f , 268f);
    vertices[3] = new Vector2(322f , 341f);
    vertices[4] = new Vector2(225f , 322f);
    vertices[5] = new Vector2(282f , 398f);     
    vertices[6] = new Vector2(161f , 457f);
    vertices[7] = new Vector2(135f , 298f);
    PolygonShape shape = new PolygonShape();

the shape im getting is this:screenshot of object

and thats fine, but the circle shape cant detect any collision on the sides of that object ?!?!!

any tips ?

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For a start your vectors are using values which are enormous in terms of what Box2D normally works with.


Try scaling things down and using a world-to-screen conversion i.e.


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alright man.... tt was it ! the scale was all off ! haha going haywire and stuff... thanks –  whythehack Apr 4 '12 at 13:05
Also, Box2D only supports convex polygons –  Will Kru Mar 4 at 10:41

Apply same group index to each shape in the world fixtureDef.filter.groupIndex = 0;

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hey thanks... that works !! –  whythehack Apr 16 '12 at 10:57

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