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The following test code, when open window, it will pop up hello messagebox too. It sounds that it run the code after fun _ -> when open window. When i debug to see without test001, it seems not run one by one, like not run the code after fun _ ->:

let test001 = MessageBox.Show("hello")
type Server() as this =
    inherit windows
       do connectionButton.Click.Add (fun _ -> test001
                                            tc.Connect("localhost", 2626) )
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Since test001 is a value, it is only evaluated once. What you need is a function which will popup a MessageBox each time it is called:

let test001() = MessageBox.Show("hello") // test001 is now a function
type Server() as this =
    inherit windows
       do connectionButton.Click.Add (fun _ -> test001() |> ignore
                                               tc.Connect("localhost", 2626))
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You need to create an instance of Server like this

Assuming Server inherits from System.Windows.Form

System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run(new Server())
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