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I've been experimenting with ScraperWiki and yesterday, I could get a list of all lis in the DOM. Now, however, I only run through one iteration.

This is my code

$html = 'www.blah...'
$dom = new simple_html_dom();
print_r('Starting parse');
$events = $dom->find("ul.listing li");
print_r('Found '.count($events).' events'); // shows there are 26 nodes
foreach($events as $data){
 // perform some processing then print to the console

I'm not really a PHP guy so I may be missing something obvious. The full source is at https://scraperwiki.com/scrapers/days_of_the_year/

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print_r is for printing arrays and objects, don't use it to print strings. Try using print_r($events) to see what the structure of $events is. –  MrCode Mar 6 '12 at 8:52

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In the linked source, the foreach loop is different:

foreach($events->find('li.listPost') as $data) {
    // ...

This would seem to indicate that $events is a custom object, and cannot be looped through without some kind of getter such as find().

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But if I extrapolate the find out, I get 26 nodes, yet the line printed in each iteration is only printed once. –  Echilon Mar 6 '12 at 9:20
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How very clumsy of me. I was missing the fact that the output was truncated after one line in the console. I added a linebreak and now get the expected output.

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