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I have 2 models article and forums which have polymorphic association with comments model.

I am using simple routes as follows.

routes.rb :

resources :articles 
resources :comments
resources :forums 

following is my models code for article and forum :

has_many :comments, :as => :commentable,:dependent => :destroy

in comments model :

belongs_to :commentable, :polymorphic => true

now when i enter http://localhost:3000/articles/10

it shows article content and below that previous comments on this article and a textarea to give new comments but when i click on create comments it goes to this url http://localhost:3000/comments and i get following error

undefined method `comments' for nil:NilClass

following is my comments controller code :

def create
  @commentable = find_commentable
  @comment = @commentable.comments.new(params[:comment])

  if @comment.save
    flash[:notice] = "Successfully saved comment."
    redirect_to(articles_url, :notice => 'Articlecmnt was successfully created.')
    render :action => 'new'

def new
  @comment = Comment.new 

def find_commentable
  params.each do |name, value|
    if name =~ /(.+)_id$/
      return $1.classify.constantize.find(value)

following is my index.html.erb file code which i am rendering in articles and forums show.html.haml using = render :template=>"comments/index"

<% form_for [@commentable, Comment.new] do |form| %>

      <td><%= form.text_area :commentcontent, :rows => 5 %></td>
      <td><%= form.hidden_field :user_id, :value => @current_user.id %></td>
    <tr><td><%= submit_tag "Add comment" %></td></tr>

<% end %>

<ul id="comments">
  <% @comments.each do |comment| %>
      <b>Posted <%= time_ago_in_words(comment.created_at) %> ago</b>
    <%= comment.commentcontent %><b> by <%= @current_user.email %></b>

  <% end %>

how to solve this error? I think its not getting correct article_id. how can I strore correct commentable_id and commentable_type(article or forum) when creating new comments? Is there any other way than this find_commentable?

thanks in advance

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Please indent your code in your answer and don't wait someone do it to you. –  shingara Mar 6 '12 at 8:55

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You find_commentable method return the first params suffix by _id . It's seems doesn't works in your case. Why don't do a simple User.find(params[:user_id]) ? It's more simple and more readable.

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thanks but no its not working shingara... –  Nikita Mar 6 '12 at 9:35

This is an old question, but I think that the error is because you are doing @commentable.comments.new when should be @commentable.comments.build or in this case @commentable.comments.create

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