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I have a Table View Controller with the title Class (like a school course). I entered a new file > UIViewController subclass template > .. Name: ClassViewController and subclass of: UITableViewController...

After that, in the mainstoryboard I clicked on my Class table view controller and in the Identity Inspector, under custom class, I tried to set its Class to PlayersViewController. That is the essential step for hooking up a scene from the storyboard with your own view controller subclass.

But it doesnt give me that option in the drop down, and if I just type it in, it doesn't save.

Is there a step I'm missing?

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Surely you should be setting it to ClassViewController, not PlayersViewController? Your subclass is ClassViewController. – jrturton Mar 6 '12 at 9:07

Are you sure the view you are trying to hookup in the identity inspector is a TableView? In case it is, you should be able to open it and type in the name of your class (if your class is a UITableViewController)

You said you were trying to hook up the PlayersViewController, but the UITableViewcontroller subview is ClassViewController

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If you like to develop a dropdown, try using existings frameworks or apps like VPPDropdownlink

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