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I have three controllers with three actions:

  • List
  • View
  • Info

The only difference between controllers are selected layout and url.

First i used RenderPartial - but it is still a lot of code duplication (mainly in actions).

So i want in some way to avoid this - for example create only one controller and configurate routes, so it choices right layout for different urls.

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how come controller defines your layout? this is a bad practice. remember that in MVC the VIEW layer is for defining the layout.

Each view file can override default shared Layout file with

   Layout = "path/to/your/layout.cshtml";  

and you can provide that value dynamically with ViewBag for example.

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For each controller i have own sets of views (for each controller views are same - now i try to get rid of this) - so overall i have 3x3 views. In view i define layout, as you described. So as i understand - best approach would be in controller find out required layout (from url) and pass it to the view. –  Nikita Martyanov Mar 6 '12 at 9:47
I wouldn't put that into url, I'd rather save the chosen layout in Profile or Cookie. Why do you want to store it in URL ? –  torm Mar 6 '12 at 13:02
Because i'm using these urls "site.net/en/Controller1/List/", "site.net/en/Controller2/List/" - result should be same content, but different layout. Now i want that these requests routed to one controller, where i could set layout. –  Nikita Martyanov Mar 6 '12 at 15:30

You can specify the View File, that should be used by a Controller.

return View("~/Views/Posts/Index.cshtml", db.Posts.ToList())

This way you can use the same template for different Controller methods.

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