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I have installed and setup Facebook Scribe server (https://github.com/facebook/scribe). Now I am to collect and process the logged data to some storage. Scribe logs data to files and rotate them, ie

/tmp/scribetest/category/category_current -> /tmp/scribetest/category/category_0000

My question here is how can I read data from the scribe files and dump it to a database? I can think several possible approach: 1. Copy category_* files except the category_current to another folder say


Then, read line by line of all files and insert it to database 2. Have a keep-running script that takes input and pipe in tail -f of category_current I have not tried this approach but I wonder what happens when category_current changes and points to new file. Would tail -f be able to still pick up the new lines?

Basically, I am not sure what is the best way to collect the data and remember the last data I collected from the scribe log files.

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which database program/system are you using? Many have a bulk load auxiliary program that would be the solution I would use. The downside is that you can't load the most recent record. Maybe you can change the config that rotates the files so that it creates new files every 1 hr or however often you feel is close enough. Of course managing the larger num. of files will be a separate problem. In any case gzip, 7z or bzip2 those files up as soon as you load them. Good luck. –  shellter Mar 6 '12 at 13:39
An alternative approach would be to make your own "processing" service that speaks the same protocol as a Scribe server. Then configure your original Scribe server to use a multi-store: one to store the log files on disk (assuming you want them for posterity), and one to forward the messages on to your processing service. This lets Scribe take care of the messy details and you can focus on processing the data. Note that this is just an idea, I've never tried it or seen it done before. –  jfrank Aug 24 '12 at 18:39

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