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I want to scan multiple documents. And I have written the code for scanning but i am not getting idea how to scan multiple documents in c#.

 private void BtnScan_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        // Scanner selected?
        var device = Devices.SelectedItem as Scanner;
        if (device == null)
            MessageBox.Show("Please select a device.", "Warning",
                            MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Warning);
 Devices.SelectedIndex = 0;
        var image = device.Scan();
    // Scan
        var image = device.Scan();

        // Save the image
           var path = @"c:\scan.jpeg";
        if (File.Exists(path))
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bool hasMorePages = true;
int numPages = 0;
while ( hasMorePages )
    WIA.ImageFile img = null;
    WIA.Item Item = WiaDev.Items[1] as WIA.Item;

    img = (ImageFile)WiaCommonDialog.ShowTransfer(Item, wiaFormatJPEG, false);

    //process image here

    //maybe save to file

    img = null;
    Item = null;

    //determine if there are any more pages waiting
    Property documentHandlingSelect = null;
    Property documentHandlingStatus = null;
    foreach (Property prop in WiaDev.Properties)
            documentHandlingSelect = prop;
            documentHandlingStatus = prop;

    hasMorePages = false; 
    if ( documentHandlingSelect != null )
        //check for document feeder
        if ( (Convert.ToUInt32(documentHandlingSelect.get_Value()) & WIA_DPS_DOCUMENT_HANDLING_SELECT.FEEDER) != 0 )
            hasMorePages = ((Convert.ToUInt32(documentHandlingStatus.get_Value()) & WIA_DPS_DOCUMENT_HANDLING_STATUS.FEED_READY) != 0);

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I added this to my code i am getting the following errors :Error 1 The name 'WiaDev' does not exist in the current Error2The name 'WiaCommonDialog' does not exist in the current context Error 3 The name 'wiaFormatJPEG' does not exist in the current context Error4 The name 'WiaDev' does not exist in the current context Error 5:The name 'WIA_DPS_DOCUMENT_HANDLING_SELECT' does not exist in the current context Error 6 The name 'WIA_DPS_DOCUMENT_HANDLING_STATUS' does not exist in the current context – chandrasekhar Mar 6 '12 at 11:11
of course, this can't be copy/pasted, it's an example – vulkanino Mar 6 '12 at 14:36

You can modify your code to continue scanning as long as the user wants that like that:

bool continueScanning = true;
    //Scan and save (modify path accordingly)
    continueScanning = (MessageBox.Show("Continue scanning?", "Scan", MessageBoxButton.YesNo) == MessageBoxResult.Yes);
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