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I need to draw a rectangle in a tkinter.canvas to respond click event:

click_area = self.canvas.create_rectangle(0,0,pa_width,pa_height,fill='LightBlue',outline='lightBlue',tags=['A','CLICK_AREA'])

it works.

at this moment, I have to draw a series of grid on the canvas, and I want them to be covered with the click_area, so that I need to make the click_area transparent.

but, when I wrote like this:

click_area = self.canvas.create_rectangle(0,0,pa_width,pa_height,fill='',outline='lightBlue',tags=['A','CLICK_AREA'])

it did not respond to click any longer.

So, my question is how to make it transparent and keep it responding to click. Or, is there any other way to implement what I want.

Thank you very much.

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I think I got it: Bind the canvas, not the rectangle.





problem solved.

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