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i am creating a login form in which i have to set a flash message if login fails. i have used the following code to set flash message. In actions.class.php inside that a function called executeLogin_process

$this->getUser()->setFlash('error', 'Invalid User Name or Password', false);

and to display the message in indexSuccess.php

<?php if ($sf_user->hasFlash('error')): ?>
  <div class="flash_error"><?php echo $sf_user->getFlash('error') ?></div>
<?php endif ?>

By using this i am not able to display the error messages.i don't know whether i am using the right code or not. Any one please help me...

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Dont use the third parameter on your setFlash method.
This will work:

$this->getUser()->setFlash('error', 'Invalid User Name or Password');

See: http://www.symfony-project.org/api/1_4/sfUser#method_setflash

If the third parameter is set to false. the flash msg will not persisted to pass a redirect.

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thank you scube. Now it works... –  Limi Jerin Mar 6 '12 at 10:14
you're welcome @LimiJerin –  scube Mar 6 '12 at 10:18
setFlash ($name, $value, $persist)

$persist true if the flash have to persist for the following request (true by default)

Why did you set the 3rd parameter to false?

$this->getUser()->setFlash('error', 'Invalid User Name or Password', true);

And the 3rd parameter is default true, so just:

$this->getUser()->setFlash('error', 'Invalid User Name or Password');
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thank u xdazz now it works –  Limi Jerin Mar 6 '12 at 10:14

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