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I have this string manipulation

select product,
       CAST((LENGTH(currencies) - LENGTH(REPLACE(currencies, '*', ''))) / LENGTH('*') AS UNSIGNED) AS currencies_count
  from MY_TABLE

to count "currencies" in a single field in this table

product       currencies
-----------   --------------
prod_name_1   *usd*cad*euro*
prod_name_2   *usd*cad*
prod_name_3   *usd*cad*euro*
prod_name_5   *usd*

The string manipulation returns a "+1" on all results (for exaple: prod_name_1, 4 currencies instead of 3). This because an external component store checkboxes data in this non-coherent manner (*usd*cad*euro* instead of *usd*cad*euro).

The point is that I can't change the storage method of this component. There is a way to count the exact number of currencies in a field, ignoring the last "blank" value after the last '*' separator? How can I modify my string manipulation?

Getting crazy, any help will be very, very appreciated!

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The query above is not counting the empty part of the string after the final *. It's not even splitting it at all. It's simply saying that:


is 3 characters longer than


To get the correct value I think you should just check for an empty currencies value, and if found then set the result to 0. Otherwise the result is the number of * symbols minus 1:

        ELSE CAST((LENGTH(Currencies) - LENGTH(REPLACE(Currencies, '*', ''))) / LENGTH('*') AS UNSIGNED) - 1 END AS currencies_count

I don't have a mysql database to to test that against but it should be OK.

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,@Splugged:Since we know that all data is +1-ed, can't we just subtract 1 ??? select product, CAST((LENGTH(currencies) - LENGTH(REPLACE(currencies, '', '')))-1 / LENGTH('') AS UNSIGNED) AS currencies_count from MY_TABLE – gentrobot Mar 6 '12 at 10:56
Hi Tobsey, hi gentrobot. Both true! It works! Thanks! Many thanks! – DavidF Mar 6 '12 at 11:00
@Splugged what about cases without currencies and asterisks at all? Than you'll get -1 - am I right? and SELECT CAST(-1 AS UNSIGNED) -> 18446744073709551615. – Michał Powaga Mar 6 '12 at 11:04
@Splugged be careful with gentrobot's query. It assumes that LENGTH('*') = 1which is not necessarily true. The LENGTH() function returns the data length in bytes, not chars. @Michal - your answer may be more correct if they are NULLs in the empty fields. I assumed they were empty varchar fields, '', but it depends on the data. – Tobsey Mar 6 '12 at 11:12
@Tobsey yes, you're true. Thank you very much! – DavidF Mar 6 '12 at 11:22

Just substract 1 from calculated value, if it's greater than 0.

CREATE FUNCTION CountCurrencies(s VARCHAR(255), delim VARCHAR(3)) 
  SET @n = (LENGTH(s) - LENGTH(REPLACE(s, delim, ''))) / LENGTH(delim);
  IF @n > 0 THEN 
    RETURN @n - 1; 
    RETURN 0; 

SELECT product, CountCurrencies(currencies, '*') FROM my_table;

But it's the ugly way, manipulate data inside the column. You should decompose it.

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