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I can't find how to change the where it redirects to in the docs. I lookined in my setting.py for a LOGIN_URL thing to edit but I didnt find anything like that in there. Also just as a more broad thing. are there better django resources than the django docks? I can never get clear answers from there.

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If you don't specify a next parameter, then django will search for LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL in settings, if it doesn't find this - it will default to /accounts/profile/.

So to override it, simply supply it in the URL: login?next=/some/url. next is the default, but you can call it something else, login?after=/some/url. If you do so, in your decorator you need specify what the field will be. @login_required(redirect_field_name='after')

You can specify a default redirect url in settings.py using LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL, and then override it as needed.

There are no better docs than the ones that come with django, imo. Just make sure you are reading the docs for the version of django you are using. A lot of issues happen when you are reading the docs for the development version, but you are actually using the production release.

The current production release is 1.3.1 The current development release is 1.4 RC 1

You can tell the version of the documentation from the URL:

I always bookmark the topic index and the table of contents and start my search from there.

A final tip - to quickly jump to the documentation of a particular method, use the django.me shortcut: http://django.me/render takes you directly to the correct page in the docs.

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where do I edit next tho? in the template? or view or settings? I just tried to add LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL to my settings.py but yet it doesn't do anything when I try to load the page. It still tries to load the original page. –  jimmyjimmy Mar 6 '12 at 21:41
I ended up just defining accounts/login/ in the urlconf and with the signup from which works but i'm still curious as to how to change that stuff if you are willing –  jimmyjimmy Mar 6 '12 at 21:49

In settings.py Define LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL

Also , If you are using django.contrib.auth.views.redirect_to_login you can pass in the url as next which is a required argument.

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