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My Android app uses its Application class (to be precise its Application subclass) to run a thread to retrieve data from a website. Once it does it successfully it is supposed to give this data to the running Activity (there are 2 activities in my app). How could I notify the Activity about this? How can I tell the current Activity that there is new available data that should be retrieved and presented? Thanks for your answers.

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What about using a broadcast system.

You can get the context in the Application class by using getApplicationContext(); Then you can send your own custom broadcast:

Intent i = new Intent();

Then you can implement broadcast receiver in your activity's to receive the broadcast. More info here:

You can set the data that you want to send in the Intent by using putExtra.
But you can also store it in a database and by using the broadcasts you let the activity know that there is new data available

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From their description, it sounds like a local application broadcast would be more appropriate: Intent i = new Intent(TEST_ACTION); LocalBroadcastManager.getInstance(context).sendBroadcast(i); – JDJ Jun 10 '14 at 10:55

If you're storing this data to a content provider (which you should, assuming the data is not that small), you can register a content observer on the content provider. The trigger should be handled by the activity. Look here

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This is very bad practise since you never know when the Application object gets destroyed. I recommend using a Service instead. Read into it on Android developers!

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