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My bash init script (~/.profile) contains important initializations, but whenever I use shell-command or compile in emacs, that init file is not read, and without those initialization my bash commands in emacs will fail :( How do I force emacs to execute my init file for the shell that it's using for shell-command?

Clarification: I'm not talking about M-x shell, which reads my init file just fine when I symlinked .profile to .emacs_bash.

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Move your initialization routines into your ~/.bashrc file

Then add the line

source ~/.bashrc

into your ~/.bash_profile file. See the bash man page for a detailed explanation of which startup files get loaded when. The key is the difference between an interactive and non-interactive shell, as well as the difference between a login and a non-login shell.

In general, .bash_profile is run when logging into the system using a shell while .bashrc is run when starting a new shell (The OS X Terminal application is an exception to this rule as it runs .bash_profile for each new terminal instance). For more info in article form, look here.

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I symlinked my .profile to both .bashrc and .bash_profile. Does not seem to work still. Does emacs start an interactive or non-interactive shell? I also tried adding --login to the explicit-bash-args, and still no luck. – polyglot Jun 5 '09 at 21:30
Ahh, now I can love my Emacs shell again! Thank you! :D – Dan Filimon Feb 19 '12 at 17:15

Digging through the elisp source; seems like the shell-command in emacs just executes bash -c "command" in my case. Solution is to start emacs (emacs &) in a shell where my .profile is already executed (instead of starting emacs from the GUI menus of my windows manager).

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Thanks, polyglot, starting emacs from a terminal worked for me as well. – Dave Paroulek Dec 18 '09 at 1:58

I'm using Mac, shell-command did not execute .bashrc, nor .bash_profile, I googled a solution to have my PATH problem fixed.

put this in your .emacs: (setenv "PATH" (shell-command-to-string "source ~/.bashrc; echo -n $PATH"))

more detail, see: How to make emacs to run my ~/.bash_profile

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