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I try to create my own helper but face a problem.

First i create a function called select. First if you see something wrong in this method pls tell me.

public function select($where = null, $order = null, $limit = null, $columns = '*') {
        if (!$columns)
        elseif (is_array($columns)) {
            $columns = implode(',', $columns);

        if ($where)
        if ($order)
        if ($limit)

        $query  = $this->db->get('pasaj_register');

        return $query;

and then i try to call this function like that

pasajItem  = new pasajItem();
         $a = $pasajItem->select();
         echo $a;

However i take this error: enter image description here

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As told you in your other question, DB should go into the MODEL. WHY does this really need to be into an helper? why not a library? a model? a driver? Anyway, HELPERS are NOT CLASSES. For this question and other Qs of yours I saw before, I suggest you take a small break and start reading the (great) CI's documentation; many of your question would be avoided/answered just by having a general better understanding of how CI works. CI's one of the best documented framework out there, take advantage of this! – Damien Pirsy Mar 6 '12 at 10:51
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Within a helper you cannot acces the database. First of all, it's not intended to do so. You'll probably want to make a library of this, where you give a reference to the database on creation.

Besides the design flaw i believe you are making here, you have to use:

$CI =& get_instance();

to access the CodeIgniter Database from a helper or library. This is because they don't derive form a CodeIgniter standard class which contains the objects.

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