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I'm writing a simple binary protocol over TCP/IP: It is composed as below

[DATASIZE - 2 Byte Fixed][DATA]

With this solution, even I read multiple messages, I can divide each one by its size, but I have one doubt: It is possible to receive only a "portion" of a single message?

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The only messages that you can receive over a TCP streaming service are single bytes. Anything more complex may be received in single bytes or any multiples. So, yes, you can receive 'only a "portion" of a single message' in a single receive call.

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When an host send a 10 bytes message maybe I can receive it separated ( like the first 3 byte followed by the last 7 byte ) but it is possibile that TCP lost the first 3 byte and receive only the last 7? ( Maybe in strange situation like cable disturbed or wifi connection ) –  cyberpro4 Mar 8 '12 at 8:27
'it is possibile that TCP lost the first 3 byte and receive only the last 7?' No, not in a well-behaved implementation. The last 7 would not be delivered to the app layer because of the failed delivery of the earlier 3 bytes - the sequence numbers would be out. –  Martin James Mar 9 '12 at 12:01

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