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I have two hashes:

p = {"name"=>"TRICHI", "subdistrict"=>{"WANDIWASH"=>"1234"}}
q = {"name"=>"VELLORE", "subdistrict"=>{"WANDIWASH"=>"4183"}}

I need to make this as

r = {"name"=>"VELLORE", "subdistrict"=>{"WANDIWASH"=>"4183"}} 
    {"name"=>"TRICHI", "subdistrict"=>{"WANDIWASH"=>"1234"}} 
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That doesn't seem right, is r an array or a hash? –  Tim Mar 6 '12 at 10:53

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I guess you want this:

r = [] << p << q
# or r = [p, q]
# either way you'll get:
#  [ {"name"=>"VELLORE", "subdistrict"=>{"WANDIWASH"=>"4183"}},
#    {"name"=>"TRICHI", "subdistrict"=>{"WANDIWASH"=>"1234"}}  ]

This way you will have an array with 2 hashes.

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As Tim pointed, r doesn't seem to be a Hash, maybe you meant an Array, in which case you can do

r = [p,q]


r = []
r << p
r << q
.. keep going for any other entry you want to push into r
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