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I find myself in the need of a software to control lights with a programmable interface. Basically what I want to do is to automatically control the lights using some criteria that I programmed inside a program. My program will then control the lights passing through the software I'm searching for, of course this would need a programmable interface to which I should pass the commands to control the lights.

I've been searching for a software like that in the last couple of days without success, what I found are only softwares with GUIs for users, but no specification whatsoever about programming the light behavior instead of manipulating it by hand.

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There's some really good information & code samples (including a working class that I wrote) here: Lighting USB OpenDMX FTD2XX Help

Ultimately, you end up setting byte values (between 0 and 255[FF] (brightest) in a byte array. It's fairly trivial to implement simple effects such as fades or chases.

If you haven't got that far yet (e.g. up to the code) you'll need to get ahold of a USB DMX controller. There are a number of them out there, but the thread above has sample code for two different flavours.

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I think you may well have the same problem as I have been having. It seems to largely depend on what else you are asking the pc or laptop to do at the same time. If you simply want to control lights from a laptop for example, there are some amazing software packages out there, although a bit expensive, but very effective. There is also a different route now if you have an iPad or iPhone. Try googling iPad dmx light control. Its pretty amazing the stuff available. I know this isn't necessarily answering your problem, but I think we may be searching for similar solutions, so please check out my post about midi control of dmx lights, as we might find a solution between us which works Pete

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I also wanted an environment where I could quickly write code that would create interesting effects for my DMX effect lights and lasers, and ended up creating it myself. I just announced the first public release of Afterglow, my free, open-source live-coding environment for light shows. You can find it at

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