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I have to host a web application built using JSP, Java 6, Spring 3, Hibernate 3, mySql, Tomcat 6.

I am new to hosting a web application and have some queries:-

  1. Can anyone please guide me on this, specially from the Spring and Hibernate point of view?

  2. What are the issues raised during hosting/running an Hibernate & Spring application ?

  3. Will any host providing Java hosting also provide support for Spring and Hibernate?

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You may use a cloud provider for that. There are a lot. Amazon web services is the leader on the market but it's moving fast (and you have a free micro instance for one year to try). Oracle just entered the ring for example. Rakspace is a big one too and there are a lot of others.

Then you may decide between IAAS and PAAS. Basically with PAAS you don't install tomcat or mysql yourself. There you have solutions like Red Hat Openshift, Vmware Cloudfoundry, Amazon beanstalkC cloudbees, Microsoft Azure. With IAAS, you have a virtual machine. Maybe you can start by this to move up the stack and try PAAS later.

Cloud is the future of hosting. Renting a physical machine will disappear shortly. PAAS is believed to be the future of cloud. So you should try the cloud. There are tons of tutorials on this.

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There are many cloud hosting out there , and some of them providers a free service like GAE , Amazon , cloudBees (wich is little known ) you can try the free service with you Sping app , I recommand you check this website for the list of cloud hosting companies

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There are several PaaS where you can deploy a Spring application. However, not in all of them you will have support for the same containers. CloudBees is a Java PaaS where you can deploy your application in Tomcat, Jboss, Glassfish and Jetty. You have the several containers that they support here.

Specifically for Spring you have this official documentation and also this step by step guide on a blog.

They also provide two ClickStart as an example:

As always... try different platforms and just choose the one which meets your needs.

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