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Is it possible to set another page than page one as start page when I'm using loadonce: true in jqgrid?

Right now I perform a reloadgrid after the first load, and I dont think thats really good performance wice..

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I think that you have to call reloadGrid somewhere inside of loadComplete. You should do this only once at the loading from the server (see here, but use [{page: thePageNumber}] as the second parameter of reloadGrid).

The only optimization which I would recommend you is the usage of very low value of rowNum (for example 1) at the initialization. Before call of reloadGrid you can increase the rowNum to the value which you really want to see the user (25 for example). To reduce the flicker you can hide the <table> inside of hidden <div> and show it inside of loadComplete in case of $(this).getGridParam('datatype') === 'local'. I didn't tested what I describe, but I hope that it should work.

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You can use the api to set the start page:

$('#yourgrid').jqGrid('setGridParam', {page: '10'});
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Can you do this before the initial xHr request to the action? What event do you subscribe to when doing this? This is where I am stuck – DmainEvent Mar 3 '13 at 20:50

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