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I'm trying to add a URL parameter to an URL string in ActionScript. Currently I'm checking the existing URL to see if it explicitly has a "?" to determine if there are any existing parameters to determine if my parameter delimiter should be "?" or "&". Is there a library or utility method in ActionScript which could simplify the code below?

var existingParameter:Boolean = existingUrl.indexOf("?") != -1;
var urlDelimiter:String = (existingParameter) ? "&" : "?";

var urlParameter:String = urlDelimiter + "ParameterName=" + parameterValue;
var completeUrl:String = existingUrl + urlParameter;
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Take a look at URLVariables and URLLoader classes.

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And URLRequest, too. –  cliff.meyers Jun 6 '09 at 17:25

You could use the HttpService utility and leverage it's ability to take in parameters via an Object. Parameters can be sent in as key-value pairs, and the class handles the rest.

Here's an example of a utility method which does exactly this:

public static function sendViaHttpService(url:String, 
                                          parameters:Object=null):void {

    var http:HTTPService = new HTTPService();
    http.url = url;
    http.resultFormat = format;
    http.method = method;

    // create callback functions which remove themselves from the http service 
    // Don't want memory leaks
    var pass:Function = function(event:ResultEvent):void {
    	http.removeEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, pass);
    var fail:Function = function(event:FaultEvent):void {
    	http.removeEventListener(FaultEvent.FAULT, fail);

    http.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, pass);
    http.addEventListener(FaultEvent.FAULT, fail);

    // yeah, we're going to send this in with the date to prevent 
    // browser-caching...kludgey, but it works
    if (parameters == null) {
    	parameters = new Object();
    // always get new date so the URL is not cached
    parameters.date = new Date().getTime();

} //sendViaHttpService()

Parameters can be passed into this static function like this:

var complete:Function = function(event:ResultEvent):void { /* your 
                                                              callback here */ };

var fail:Function = function(event:FaultEvent):void { /* your 
                                                         failure callback here */ };

var url:String = "<your URL here>";

sendViaHttpService(url, URLLoaderDataFormat.TEXT, URLRequestMethod.GET, complete, fail, { param1: 'value1', param2: 'value2' });
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