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lI have a php website, I want to first authenticate users from gmail and then let him use my website stuff (like idea used by

Following is simple idea I want to implement

if user type and he already login to gmail account then he will be directed to

if user is not login then he to will be directed to gmail login page.

I need a working example, I searched alot using term openid, sso, federated login etc, but I could not find any working example

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Everything is explained in the Federated Login for Google Account Users article by Google (here's a general explanation). Unfortunately I don't expect anyone here to write the code from scratch for you.

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yes google account, i want a tutorial that help me, I read all these articals – Khan Mar 6 '12 at 11:31
But these articles explain everything nicely. This one even gives you JavaScript snippets, just read and learn, don't copy and paste a solution from a tutorial... – MMM Mar 6 '12 at 11:34

Stackoverflow uses his own extension of openid-selector.

Someone asked this before: Login system just like stackoverflow's, written in php

Here is a tutorial:

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By GMail I assume you mean Google Account?

It's not a quick and simple process, since Google takes privacy very seriously. But here's a full documentation on how to authenticate with Google.

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