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I'd like to add new column to existing datagridview so:

DataColumn col = new DataColumn(( dataGridView1.ColumnCount+1).ToString());

But it doesn't work.. how to do it?

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It is so easy..

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Thankxxxx Bro..........:-) –  Coderz Sep 8 '13 at 10:37

I think that you need to specify what type of cell the column will contain.

For example:

DataGridViewColumn  newCol = new DataGridViewColumn(); // add a column to the grid
DataGridViewCell cell = new DataGridViewCell(); //Specify which type of cell in this column
newCol.CellTemplate = cell;

newCol.HeaderText = "test2";
newCol.Name = "test2";
newCol.Visible = true;
newCol.Width = 40;

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