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How to read a DNA sequence from a text File in C language and store it in an array and extract all the substrings of a given length starting from each nucleotide position?

For Example the sequence is in the following way in the text file


All the substrings of all the starting positions

if length of the sub string = 3

cct, ctg, tga, gat, ..., cat

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parse fasta/fastq files with this: lh3lh3.users.sourceforge.net/parsefastq.shtml it's very handy. –  flies May 14 '12 at 19:28

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Is C language compulsory to you?

I would move to a higher level language such as Python, this function would do:

from itertools import count

def iterate_fragments(sequence,size):
    """Takes a string and yields pieces of given size."""
    for number in count():
        try: yield sequence[number:number+size]
        except IndexError: break

for fragment in iterate_fragments(dna_sequence,3):
    print fragment

This simple code will print each dna fragment (3 nucleotides size).

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