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With a .NET repeater is there anyway to call methods in the #Eval('') directive? For example, if I am binding to an object with a DateTime property, it would be really convenient to set #Eval("ADateTimeProperty.ToString('hh:mm')") or something along those lines. Is the only option to create another property with that returns a formatted DateTime?

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Absolutely. For your datetime issue, however, you can just use:

<%# ((DateTime)Eval("ADateTimeProperty").ToString("hh:mm") %>

If you wanted to call a method, you could do:

<%# MyCustomMehtod(Eval("ADateTimeProperty")) %>

And on the code-behind:

protected string MyCustomMethod(object input)
    return DateTime.Parse(input.ToString()).ToString("hh:mm");
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Thanks Chris, much appreciated! – Daniel Jun 5 '09 at 22:16

You can use the overload of the Eval method that takes a format string as a second parameter:

<%# Eval("ADateTimeProperty", "{0:hh:mm}") %>
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