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I have a textbox on a subform the controlsource property of which is to be changed on click of a label on the parent form of the same. I have tried the following ways none of which worked at all,

Form_frmWOMAINMENU.[frmWOMAINSUBMENU].Form.[txtDate].Control.ControlSource _
                                                   = "Raised"

Forms("frmWOMAINMENU").[frmWOMAINSUBMENU].Form.[txtDate].ControlSource _
                                                   = "Raised"  

Me.[frmWOMAINSUBMENU].Form.[txtDate].ControlSource = "Raised"

Can anyone suggest me how it works?

frmWOMAINMENU is the parent form and frmWOMAINSUBMENU is the subform. Also, "Raised" comes from a sql query written as string in the vba code. I tried the same in the subform like this: me.txtDate.ControlSource="Raised" and it worked fine.However,I cannot change control source of the textbox thrice in the subform.

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It will be more like:

Forms!frmWOMAINMENU!frmWOMAINSUBMENU!txtDate.ControlSource = "Raised"

As long as on your parent form, the actual sub-form item is named "frmWOMAINSUBMENU" rather than "Subform1" or whatever the default naming is. Or in other words, the parent form is referred to by name and then the sub-form is referred to as whatever it's called on the parent form. Hope that makes sense : )

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Just used this and worked wonders Me.frmWOMAINSUBMEN!txtDate.ControlSource = "Raised" I think the problem was the word "Form" in my code.And since the code is in the form "frmWOMAINMENU", "Forms!frmWOMAINMENU" gave an error.I hope I understood right. :) Thanks! –  user1175126 Mar 7 '12 at 3:59
@user1175126 Ah good point, what I wrote is more for referring to any open form, glad you got a solution though : ) –  Matt Donnan Mar 7 '12 at 8:46

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