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When I run my application locally, everything works as expected, but when I deployed it to cloudno.de , it looks like this.

I get an error Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < which is because the contents of greeting.js is

<!doctype html> 
<html lang="en"> 

Obivously not my javascript-file, but infact the contents of my index.html

My project is barely started and its using a Backbone Boilerplate, the code in its entirety can be viewed here.

Does anyone know what could possibly be the reason for this?

My server.js:

// Require libraries 
var fs = require("fs");
var express = require("express");
var site = express.createServer();
// Determine which dist directory to use
var dir = process.argv.length > 2 && "./dist/" + process.argv[2];
// Use custom JS folder based off debug or release
dir && site.use("/assets/js", express.static(dir + "/js"));
dir && site.use("/assets/css", express.static(dir + "/css"));
// Serve static files
site.use("/app", express.static("./app"));
site.use("/assets", express.static("./assets"));
site.use("/dist", express.static("./dist"));
// Ensure all routes go home, client side app..
site.get("*", function(req, res) {
console.log("Server listening on http://localhost:8000");
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Do you copied and pasted this code? there did you get the var dir = process.argv... line?

The error could be due to the cloudno.de being initialized without arguments. Your app is looking for them on process.arv

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