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I cant find ANY examples of using the HorizontalTabTitleView class.

Ive tried many things of which the below should work! But it comes up blank.

The created Hierachy is: HorizontalTabTitleView -> PaneManagerModel -> Pane -> VerticalFieldManager-> BasicEditField

Where PaneManagerModel can hold Many Panes which are used as Tabs.

    HorizontalTabTitleView tabView = new HorizontalTabTitleView(VERTICAL_SCROLL );

    tab1 = new LabelField("Page 1");

    BasicEditField Name = new BasicEditField( "Name:", "", 100, BasicEditField.EDITABLE );
    tab1Manager = new VerticalFieldManager();
    tab1Manager.add( Name ); 

    PaneManagerModel pneMger = new PaneManagerModel();
    Pane pne1 = new Pane(tab1, tab1Manager );


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Someone on on Blackberry support pages had a problem on making a transparent tab providing a working example of the usage of HorizontalTabTitleView on the code part of his question. The question maker at least says that his code is working (despite the transparency), so would you like to have look? =)

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Excellent find. Looking briefly at it, it looks very promising. I will try it on Monday and let you know how it goes ;). Thanks. –  Doomsknight Mar 9 '12 at 19:53
Yea it works great. I was missing some kind of HorizontalTabController and PaneManagerView. Thanks a lot ;) –  Doomsknight Mar 12 '12 at 9:43

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