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Can someone show me a Cross-site scripting attack in effect on my browser? Is there an example on the internet that does this? I haven't found this on the internet.

The simpler the example is the better.

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See http://www.insecurelabs.org and http://www.insecurelabs.org/task/

Intentionally vulnerable to XSS in the search field and several other places.

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Type <script>alert(2)</script> in search and it alerts me –  RN Kushwaha Mar 13 at 11:59

You'll generally have to install your own server-side software for a live XSS example. Not many legitimate sites will open an XSS flaw intentionally to web surfers.

One ready-made piece of server-side software that lets you demonstrate XSS (among many other things) to yourself is OWASP's WebGoat. Here are instructions to install WebGoat and demonstrate XSS. You will find additional examples of program snippets that enable XSS in the OWASP article "Cross-site scripting (XSS)".

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<img src="javascript:alert('hello everybody')"></img> The image tag that I inserted is a example of xss. the above src contains the java script alerting you.

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