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I'm having a question about internet connectivity in ios(iPhone/iPad) simulators. from where the simulators using internet?

I connected a VPN network in mac and i can access VPN host. But i cant access the VPN host via simulator. If the simulator uses the internet connection from the MAC machine then it also need to support for VPN which is connected.

am i right?

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What VPN do you use? Is it a Mac OS built in VPN like L2TP or PPTP? –  Mathieu Hausherr Mar 6 '12 at 13:46

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I connect with my Mac running OS X 10.6 to my work VPN via PPTP. When I run the iPhone Simulator in XCode 3.2.6 I am able to use the built in Safari to browse a web page on a work server. So yes, it works for me. Are you using something other than PPTP?

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