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I am currently writing a number of Scalatra tests using the ScalaTest framework and the ScalatraSuite class.

  test("when i try to go to the base url it shold redirect me "){
    get("/") {
      status should be(302) 

The next step requires me to check the existance of some session values but it is unclear how to do this? Can anyone advise? I am creating a SessionAccess trait that, for the purposes of the test, overriding witha simple trait the stores session in an accessible HashMap but I am certain there is a simpler way?

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I had a look at the code of ScalatraSuite and it looks like there is no way to retrieve the session object itself. You can however execute multiple calls inside of a session to check for the expected behaviour.

If you had these calls:

post("/start") {
  session("foo") = params("foo")
  // ...

get("/do_something") {

you could test it like this:

test("Whatever inside of a session") {
  session {
    post("/start", "foo" -> "bar") {
      // assert...
    get("/do_something") {
      body should equal ("bar")

Hope that helps.

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Thats what I thought. Thanks for confirming. – James Hughes Mar 6 '12 at 15:23

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