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Hi, everyone

I am developing an iPhone app which could login with Facebook, Twitter account by users.

I am using the server-side flow to deal with the login process.
Of course, I also set the Website URL at Facebook(oauth2.0) side and Callback URL at Twitter(oauth1.0a) side and with no problem when using http.

Our company contracted for a ssl. Then, I changed the http to https in the Facebook side or Twitter side, and changed my post url for login from http to https.
But when redirect from theirs login screen, I lost all data in session which I stored such as token information before login.

For test, I am also using browser(IE) to check the login behavior, and it has no problem both at http and https cases.

Bay the way, whatever the client is browser(IE) or iPhone app, the server-side source code is the same.

So what is the problem, please?

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