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I am writing an dynamic Query in sqlserver 2005.

DECLARE @SQL3 VarChar(2000)                             
SET @SQL3 =' INSERT into @TableClub4 SELECT  ID from Clubcard   '  
print (@SQL3);
Exec (@SQL3);

Whenever it excutes it gives me an error

Msg 1087, Level 15, State 2, Line 1
Must declare the table variable "@TableClub4".

But I have defined the @TableClub4 table parameter.

Let me know the syntax, where I am going wrong?

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You cannot use a declared table inside a dynamic sql block. You can do it like this:

    ID INT
DECLARE @SQL3 VarChar(2000)                             
SET @SQL3 =' INSERT into #TableClub4 SELECT ID from Clubcard'
print  (@SQL3);
Exec (@SQL3);
DROP TABLE #TableClub4
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Your table variable is not known inside the dynamic sql, but you can rewrite it to this:

DECLARE @SQL3 VarChar(2000)                             
SET @SQL3 ='SELECT  ID from Clubcard'  
print (@SQL3);

INSERT into @TableClub4
Exec (@SQL3);
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