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I have a Mac with jEdit 4.5 installed on it, including the Sidekick and the JavaScript plugin from here1. Now when I open the Sidekick window, I can choose from two JavaScript parsers (skrul-xml-javascript and skrul-javascript).

However, none of them parses my JavaScript file (the window only shows the document name with "Not parsed" underneath it). When I open a PHP file and choose my PHPParser, it does parse the file and shows clickable PHP function names.

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You can install "Ctags SideKick" plugin and choose to use "ctags" parser in sidekick. And you should install ctags in your system and config it in CtagsSideKick options.

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Thanks, this helped! I had to install Exuberant Ctags first, which wasn't as difficult as I thought it was when I wrote the post. This web page helped: though I did it a bit different in order to make it work: I downloaded ctags via in stead of using curl, and had to add a sudo to one of the install commands because it generated an error. Can't give you an upvote unfortunately because of my lack of reputation. :( – Joker Apr 13 '12 at 10:39

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