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I have a Codeigniter controller which takes a full URL as the first argument, but the passed URL inside my controller only is only showing http:

public function mydata($link)
   echo $link; //then it show only http: rather than the full url http://abc.com

How can i solve this issue?

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I just used a simple example here to explain my issue but in reality i am using view to output the data so please don't say that i am outputing data inside a controller rather than view. –  Peeyush Mar 6 '12 at 13:54
why are you passing a URL in the URI!? Do a post, this is not the place to put another URL, it defeats the purpose of 'clean urls'. If you really must, you would need to make the $link URLSafe –  Jakub Mar 6 '12 at 13:58
It would be impossible to figure out what's happening without some code... –  John Krommidas Mar 6 '12 at 13:59
There's no problem with that function. The problem is probably in defining the value of that variable.Show us the code which defines the variable before and when you're calling the mydata function. –  Ofir Baruch Mar 6 '12 at 14:07

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In Codeigniter controllers, each method argument comes from the URL separated by a / slash. http://example.com

There are a few different ways to piece together the the arguments into one string:

public function mydata($link)
    // URL: http://example.com/mysite/mydata/many/unknown/arguments

    // Ways to get the string "many/unknown/arguments"
    echo implode('/', func_get_args());
    echo ltrim($this->uri->uri_string(), '/');


In your case, the double slash // may be lost using either of those methods because it will be condensed to one in the URL. In fact, I'm surprised that a URL like:


...didn't trigger Codeigniter's "The URI contains disallowed chatacters" error. I'd suggest you use query strings for this task to avoid all these problems:


public function mydata()
    $link = $this->input->get('url');
    echo $link;
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Aside from the issue of whether you should be passing a URL in a URL think about how you are passing it:


but your URL will actually look like


See where you're going wrong yet? The CodeIgniter framework takes the parameter out of the URL, delimited by slashes. So your function is working exactly as it should.

If this is how you must do it then URL encode your parameter before passing it.

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if you want to pass url as parameters then use



echo $url



then you call:


and in your controller

public function mydata($link)


you have an encoder/decoder here:


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