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I just recently started working on a project that involves Umbraco. So, I am no expert on it (not even close). Please help.

The issue is, we had a page on our site that was This page had the old content.

We have now redesigned it and moved the cotent "INTO" careers "folder". So, now it should work as

However, when we go to that URL, it rewrites it as

I looked for any rewrite config files but there are no rules (in the file; not sure about DB).

can someone please help? I am not sure what is happening here.

For additional information, when I look at "Properties" for /careers/en/home page then it shows "Link to Document" as "/careers/en/home.aspx".


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Presumably you are using Umbraco v4? In the web.config for a Umbraco v4 there is a umbracoReservedUrls appSetting key. You could add your path in here and Umbraco will essentially ignore rewriting it when it is requested.

The rewrite configuration is actually in config/UrlRewriting.config and this will allow you to control custom rewrites.

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In the web.config you can created rewrite rules for the required pages.

In the < system.webServer> section create a < rewrite> < rules> section and then add for each page as required.

Would be something like this...


    <rule name="RewriteCareers" stopProcessing="true">
        <match url="careers.aspx" />
        <action type="Rewrite" url="careers.aspx/en/home.aspx" />

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