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For example, a date field on the transaction model leads to transaction.date.

Will this cause any problems?

Can it make the code less readable and therefore be a poor practice?

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You can call it "date". I don't think it will cause any trouble. However, like "created_at", "updated_at" for times, is it a good idea to name a date field as "xxx_on"?

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If your transaction completes in 24 hours, you are fine with just keeping one date column. :)

It depends on what information you would like to store. A datetime column usually tells what that date/time is about. Something created/updated? As in your case consider this. A transaction will have a started_at, completed_at, failed_at etc...

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Actually, I just made up transaction as an example of a model that needs a date. Maybe something that was more date and less datetime would have been better... –  B Seven Mar 6 '12 at 15:49

No, it will not cause problems. It is not a reserved word, and it is not poor practice.

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