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When studying carefully "gproc" project's gproc_tests.erl file. I have found the following code. The "goodbye" message is send before "erlang:monitor/2", I think it is possible that 'DOWN' message won't be received. Is it correct? If so, the two lines should be switched, right?

t_simple_aggr_counter() ->
    ?assert(gproc:reg({c,l,c1}, 3) =:= true),
    ?assert(gproc:reg({a,l,c1}) =:= true),
    ?assert(gproc:get_value({a,l,c1}) =:= 3),
    P = self(),
    P1 = spawn_link(fun() ->
                gproc:reg({c,l,c1}, 5),
                P ! {self(), ok},
                {P, goodbye} -> ok
    receive {P1, ok} -> ok end,
    ?assert(gproc:get_value({a,l,c1}) =:= 8),
    ?assert(gproc:update_counter({c,l,c1}, 4) =:= 7),
    ?assert(gproc:get_value({a,l,c1}) =:= 12),
    P1 ! {self(), goodbye},  %<<===========This line
    R = erlang:monitor(process, P1), %<<======This line
    receive {'DOWN', R, _, _, _} ->
    ?assert(gproc:get_value({a,l,c1}) =:= 7).
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the erlang:monitor/2 call will still generate a {'DOWN', ...} message to the calling process even if the monitored process has already died.

for example:

1> F = fun() -> io:format("finished.~n") end.  
2> Pid = spawn(F).
3> erlang:monitor(process, Pid).    % process Pid has already exited.
4> flush().
Shell got {'DOWN',#Ref<>,process,<0.45.0>,noproc}
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The flush() command is very useful. – Chen Yu Mar 6 '12 at 22:42
There is also a flush option to the demonitor call that may come in handy. – I GIVE CRAP ANSWERS Mar 7 '12 at 10:13

According to documentation erlang:monitor/2: A 'DOWN' message will be sent to the monitoring process if Item dies, if Item does not exist, or if the connection is lost to the node which Item resides on.

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