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I have this code that I found somewhere on stackoverflow that uses libtar and libbz2 to compress a directory:

#include <libtar.h>
#include <bzlib.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <string>
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char **argv) {

    TAR *p_tar;
    char extract_to[] = ".";

    char *dst_path = argv[2];
    char *src_path = argv[1];

    tar_open(&p_tar,dst_path,NULL,O_WRONLY | O_CREAT,0644,TAR_GNU);


    int tar_fd = open(dst_path,O_RDONLY);

    string bz2_file_name = dst_path;

    FILE *bz2_file = fopen(bz2_file_name.data(),"wb");
    int bz2_err;
    const int BLOCK_MULTIPLIER = 7;

    BZFILE *pbz = BZ2_bzWriteOpen(&bz2_err,bz2_file,BLOCK_MULTIPLIER,0,0);

    const int BUF_SIZE = 10000;
    char* buffer = new char[BUF_SIZE];
    size_t bytes_read;



    return 0;

Although it creates a bz2 file and its size seems to be right ( 1,7 MB from a 5MB directory) but the archive itself is corrupted, I cannot open it neither with ark nor with command line tar. What is the problem?

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tar and bz2 are different steps of the process if you will. Tar concatenates a bunch of files together into one file with an index, and then bzip2 compresses that single file.

To extract manually, go in the reverse order. On a unix/linux system:

bunzip2 file.tar.bz2

should give you a .tar file, then you can

tar -xvf file.tar

to extract things from the tar file (also referred to as a tarball).

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He's not trying to do it at the command line -- he's trying to do it programmatically. –  Fellow Traveler Feb 18 at 11:14
His problem was in how he was trying open the archive to check it, not in his creation of the archive. –  Michael Kohne Feb 18 at 12:43

tar xjf thefile.tar.bz2 works with modern tar implementations, such as gnu's.

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