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I have written a macro that prints HTML output with passed value. Let's say:

<@myMacro 'foo'>

Right now I'd like to pass to this macro a message from .properties file.

<@spring.message code="key"/> // contains 'foo'

What I need is to pass value of key message with additional string like:

<@spring.message code="key"/>bar  // foobar

How can I do this to pass foobar to myMacro ?

Spring version: 2.5

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Callable stuff in FM is either directive-like (<@...>) or method-like (f(...)). Method-like stuff can be used as an expression, while directive-like can't be as it prints directly to the output (unaffected by #escape). So, you should check if Spring provides the same functionality as a method/function too, and then you can use it as a parameter. But then be careful with HTML-escaping. As last resort, you can use the directive but capture its output, as it was shown in an answer here. –  ddekany Mar 6 '12 at 22:13

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Solution was quite simple:

<#assign fooVar><@spring.message code="key"/>bar</#assign>
<@myMacro fooVar>
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