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I am using following code to get result form a dataTable, but while using the resultant query in foreach loop, it throws an exception: "Unable to cast object of type 'System.Int64' to type 'System.String'". Please guide me where I have error in code.

var query = from detailRow in dtDetail.AsEnumerable() 
group detailRow by detailRow.Field<string>("Domain") into grouping
select new
   Domain = grouping.Key,
   Impressions = grouping.Count(),
   Clicks = 
   grouping.Sum(detailRow => int.Parse(detailRow.Field<string>("Clicks").ToString())),
   url = grouping.First<DataRow>()

foreach (var detailRowGroup in query)
  console.wirteline(detailRowGroup.Domain + detailRowGroup.Impressions + detailRowGroup.Clicks + detailRowGroup.url);

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Your dtDetail DataTable contains a column, named Click that contains values of type Int64, while you are trying to retrieve it as an String. The problem is in the following line:


Change it to:

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Thank you Steven, that was the problem. But now there is an other problem, that is of dbnull values. While system tries to parse a null value it throws exception, don't know how to handle it. –  Nadeem Jamali Mar 7 '12 at 3:14
You can do detailRow.Field<Int64?>("Clicks") (thus with the ?). –  Steven Mar 7 '12 at 8:43

Without knowing about your data it is hard to say, but I would guess that your Clicks column is numeric, so you would want the type parameter to be in long (64 bit int)?




If that is true, then you can probably refactor your code to avoid the parsing too.

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I resolved the problem, and found that I have had two mistakes in my code. Those were;
1. I used String on the place of Int64. By replacing String with Int64 the error resolved.
2. For DBNULL I used if condition.
Following is the code line;

Clicks = grouping.Sum(detailRow => Int64.Parse(detailRow.IsNull("Clicks") ? "0" : detailRow.Field<Int64>("Clicks").ToString())),

Thanks Steven and Steve Haigh.

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