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I'd like to mock a class so it throws an exception if any method is called. The reason why i want to do this, is that i don't want a NullpointerException in my tests, I'd rather mock every object, declared as an instance variable which is null with the exception-stuff, so if a method on it gets called I get a proper exception, and I see imediatly whats wrong. Does EasyMock 3.0 provide such a thing, or do I need to do it some other way?

Thanks in advance

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Isn't that EasyMock's default behavior? Any unexpected calls on a mocked object lead to an Exception once you call EasyMock.verify(mocks). Please see the EasyMock documentation - the "Nice Mocks" section explains this: http://easymock.org/EasyMock3_0_Documentation.html

The following test fails for me with an AssertionError, this should be what you're looking for:

public void testFoo() {
    List list = EasyMock.createMock(List.class);



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In my example list would be null, because someone forgot to declare or removed it accidentally (e.g. in @Before)! And I'm then setting this object in another class, which uses it, so i will have a Nullpointer there. I'd like to prevent that and throw a nicer exception if it happens. You are then much faster to figure out what the problem is. Checking that before running tests isn't what I want, because not every test uses every object created in before! Thanks! –  user1251628 Mar 6 '12 at 20:14

You can expect an exception when its called, considering the same list example

List list = EasyMock.createMock(List.class);
EasyMock.expect(list.size()).andThrow(new OurOwnException()).anyTimes();

This will always throw your custom exception whenever size() method is called. Do you expect this behavior?

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