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I want to integrate the Facebook chat system in my PHP based website. I have searched for data, but it says very little about Jabber XMPP, and I don't know how to use it. If you could post some step-by-step tutorial for integration of Facebook chat or any link for that tutorial that would be so nice of you.

I just want to add Facebook chat as I need to do add some on action events for this chat. So I want a code tutorial for this. I'm searching for any direct code embedding.

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I do not think that you can embed existing Facebook chat so you have to write your own client. As Facebook chat protocol is Jabber/XMPP, you have to implement a chat with XMPP capability.

There are some libraries mentioned on Maybe there is also a ready-to-use XMPP chat software.

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Give Jaxl PHP Library a try which also supports X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM authentication method. There are plenty of examples xfacebook_platform_client.php to help getting started.

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Direct code embedding of facebook related chat , you can consider impossible since integrating facebook chat is really a tough job and people actually pay and get it , for example CometChat . The second point is that , since your website is purely php based , it will be much more difficult . Better use nodejs to create a socket server make a chat in Javascript that would connect to our Nodejs server.

As you , go through this implementation , your job will no longer seem hard . Believe me , it took me months to realise that php wrecks in this area of chat .

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