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I need my Java Twitter application to be able to follow a user in twitter. When I pass it the user ID as a string, the application follow it automatically. I couldn't find the method that can do that in Twitter4j.

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You should delete this question, or write your own answer since you solved it. –  smessing Mar 6 '12 at 16:02

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No need for id. It will work with username as well.

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Problem solved ,you can follow a user using twitter.createFriendship("twitter id"); method

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What should I write before acquiring the instance of Twitter class. I mean should I just ConfigurationBuilder builder = new ConfigurationBuilder(); builder.setOAuthConsumerKey(TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY); builder.setOAuthConsumerSecret(TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET); Configuration configuration = builder.build(); TwitterFactory factory = new TwitterFactory(configuration); twitter = factory.getInstance(); Then call this method??? if yes then it gives me Received authenticaton null exception –  Saty Apr 7 at 7:06

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