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I looked up the problem but didn't find a solution. my problem is as follows

create or replace procedure GETINFO(
) IS
                pBusSeg IN NUMBER,
                pCHTPMask IN NUMBER
             IF pCHTPMask > 0 THEN    
             ELSE RETURN TRUE;
             END IF;


      SELECT 1
      INTO pIVR 


the compiler says that I can not use IS_MASK_ALLOWED in SQL statements

ORACLE 10g PL/SQL developer 7.5

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thanks everyone. i should've stated that this is not actual code. i put it just to show that i declare function is_mask_allowed inside procedure, and i also call is_mask_allowed inside procedure GETINFO. I ommited all exception handlers in question and general complexity of procedure – Theo Walcott Mar 7 '12 at 7:49
I tried to create function is_mask_allowed_tst outside GETINFO procedure. and I can use is_mask_allowed_tst in where clause inside GETINFO code. it is no big problem to create is_mask_allowed in package or the same schema as my procedure and call it freely. I was just curious how come that when I declare my fucntion inside a procedure I can't use it in SQL code(however I can use it everywhere in procdure body) – Theo Walcott Mar 7 '12 at 7:58

Oracle does not support boolean statements in SQL so using True will not work. Try select 1 from dual where True = True to confirm.

Secondly if you're not allowing anyone to access is_mask_allowed outside your procedure and that's all it does then you can do this pIVR := 1. which'll have the same result as your code ( procedure and function ). Personally if this is somewhere near all they do I'd have everything in the same procedure.

If you're missing some information in is_mask_missing, that then with nothing after it maybe then your package will error on no_data_found as there is the possibility of select 1 from dual where 1 = 0, which returns nothing.

If you do want is_mask_allowed to be accessed outside your procedure it would be easiest to put it in a package. As you can't use a boolean I've used a binary, where 0 represents false and 1 true

create or replace package my_package is

   function is_mask_allowed ( pBusSeg IN NUMBER
                            , pCHTPMask IN NUMBER
                            )  RETURN NUMBER;

   procedure get_info ( pIVR out NUMBER );

end my_package;
show error

create or replace package body my_package is

   function is_mask_allowed ( pBusSeg IN NUMBER
                            , pCHTPMask IN NUMBER
                            )  RETURN NUMBER is


      if pCHTPMask > 0 THEN
         -- do something
         return 0
      else return 1
      end if;

   end is_mask_allowed;


   procedure getinfo( pIVR OUT NUMBER ) IS


       if is_mask_allowed(1,2) = 1 then
          pIVR := 1;
          pIVR := -- something else;
       end if;

   end getinfo;

end my_package;
show error
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You need to put your is_mask_allowed function into a package to use it in SQL, and you should return something other than a boolean (perhaps a number) from the function and test for that, so your SQL is something more like:

select my_pkg.is_mask_allowed(1, 2) into pIVR from dual;

Here is a recent discussion in the Oracle forums on the same error:

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