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I've configured my Helix Server as per the documentation:

I am attempting to view a stream on a BlackBerry 9900. My video files are in the content/Iphone-src directory.

When I attempt to load a stream on my BlackBerry, the IPhone folder nor the Iphone-src directory are loaded with segmentation files (as it describes in the troubleshooting section of the initially mentioned page).

I was successfully able to stream a file that was ~60 megabytes in size and ~20 minutes in length, but I'm having issues with files 400 megabytes and 30 min to 1 hr long.


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I solved the problem by talking with Helix Support.

Apparently my files were not encoded in the correct way to segment when placed in the iPhone-src folder.

After following these practices:, I was able to get streams up and running.

I used HandBrake to encode my media.



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