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I had been using nested <svg/> and <g/> elements to center an SVG graphic within my browser frame. The outer svg element had width and height of 100%, the inner had x and y set to 50%. An inner g element had negative offset of half image size. This was working fine but I now want to add pan and zoom functionality.

The nested SVG approach seems to be incompatible with SVGPan which gets confused.

SVGPan will only work if I start with the graphic at top-left. I think I'll have to write a script that runs when SCG is loading/loaded to add a transform to center the top-level g in a way that is compatible with SVGPan.

How can I initialize my <g /> with a matrix transformation that translates it thusly?

((viewport.width - g.width)/2, (viewport.width - g.width)/2)

The size of the viewport is not known when the SVG is created but I can drop some script in there to create the transform or translation. Where should the script live and what should it do? It needs to be compatible with SVGPan.

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Instead of describing the complex hack that you have in place and ask how to get from there to a new set of functionality, perhaps you might describe what your end goal is. –  Phrogz Mar 6 '12 at 20:29
End goal is SVG graphic initially centered in window. Graphic can then be panned by dragging it or zoomed using mouse wheel. –  paperjam Mar 6 '12 at 21:37

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Talos solved this issue for me, see https://github.com/talos/jquery-svgpan/issues/3

Instead of


I'm now using


and that allows a centered graphic to work with [jquery-]svgpan.

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To fill an SVG element in any HTML element:

  1. Put position:relative (or position:absolute or position:fixed, if appropriate) on the wrapping HTML element.
  2. Put position:absolute on the SVG element (and top:0; left:0; width:100%; height:100% if necessary).

With this your SVG element will always fill the HTML element. Position/size/center this element as desired.

To get your SVG content centered within the SVG viewport

  1. Set the viewBox on your SVG to be centered around the center of your content.
    For example, if your content is a circle of radius 30 centered at 175,300 then set viewBox="145 270 60 60".
  2. Omit the preserveAspectRatio attribute on the SVG element, or ensure that it uses xMidYMid so that the center of the viewbox is always centered in the SVG viewport.

To pan and drag your SVG content

Adjust the viewBox accordingly, or else transform elements.

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Thanks Phrogz but (a) SVNPan doesn't seem to like SVG in HTML (b) I need to be able scale my graphic in absolute pixel multiples i.e. x1, x2, x3, etc. so the viewBox would need to be set to the containing element's dimensions which arent't known and (b) yes - can do this with SVGPan which uses transforms. –  paperjam Mar 7 '12 at 9:27

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