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I would like to use the BufferedReader to read a serialized java object, is this reliable? or I need to implement to check sum to ensure the data? Thanks.

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Don't you want to use an ObjectInputStream for that (possibly wrapped over a BufferedInputStream)? –  devconsole Mar 6 '12 at 16:10
A BufferedReader is for test, Java serialization use binary data and if you read it with a BufferedReader it would get corrupted. The simplest solution is to use a BufferedInputStream which is designed for binary data and you shouldn't get corruption. –  Peter Lawrey Mar 6 '12 at 16:37

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You cannot use BufferedReader to read a serialized object. Java has two kinds of I/O interfaces and classes:

  • Streams (InputStream and OutputStream and everything that implements those) for reading and writing binary data.
  • Readers and writers (Reader and Writer) for reading and writing text (binary data interpreted as characters).

Since serialized objects are binary data and not text, you cannot use a Reader to read serialized objects.

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TCP guaranties data integrity. So you don't need additional check summing.

And the deserialization will fail with an exception when something goes wrong there.

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I don't understand the question. A serialized object should be read with ObjectInputStream, not BufferedReader or indeed anything else whatsoever.

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