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I am using a Microsoft chart (System.Web.UI.DataVisualization.Charting.Chart). In some cases, I make the height of the chart very tall (say around 5000px). This is to handle lots of data.

The image has a lot of space where the top and bottom axis are.

I have set the position of the chart area to be (0, 0) and the height and width of the chart area to be 100%. When I disable the AxisY2, the chart is drawn right at the top of the image. When I enable it, there is a large area dedicated to the axis itself. Any chart axis ticks would also be stretched (if I hadn’t set them to 0%).

I cannot figure out if it is possible to control the height and width dedicated to the axes.

My code so far:

Chart1.Height = 5000;
Chart1.Width = 500;
Chart1.BackColor = Color.Blue;

Random random = new Random();
var series = new Series();

for (int pointIndex = 0; pointIndex < 200; pointIndex++)
    series.Points.AddY(Math.Round((double)random.Next(45, 95), 0));

series.ChartType = SeriesChartType.Bar;
series.IsValueShownAsLabel = true;
series.ChartArea = "chart-area1";

var area = new ChartArea("chart-area1");
area.Position.X = 0f;
area.Position.Y = 0f;
area.Position.Height = 100f;
area.Position.Width = 100f;
area.AxisY2.Enabled = AxisEnabled.True;
area.AxisY2.MajorTickMark.Size = 0;
area.AxisY2.MinorTickMark.Size = 0;


I testing on an aspx page, which has a tag:

<asp:CHART id="Chart1" runat="server" />

Thanks for any help

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