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We are building an Flex AIR client application (We currently have a webapp using Flex already). When running as a web application, you use your browser to surf to a certain ip address and the Flex client uses this to connect to the Java-based backend.

However, in the case of the AIR application, you just download the .air file and install it. From that point on, a user has to type an ip address to connect again to that same backend. I would like to automate this process and pre-populate the ip address in the AIR application.

I thought of unzipping the .air file on the server, adding a properties file with the ipaddress, zipping it again and offering this as a download for the user. However, this will probably not work due to the signing of the .air file I suppose. Has anybody done something like this or knows how to do this?



PS: Forgot to mention, but our application is installed in private networks, so they cannot access the internet.

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Can use domain names instead of IP Addresses? Even if not; most people would use a services config file that is compiled into the app and includes the remote object destinations. At runtime, there is no way to know the IP Address of the server you downloaded the application from. – JeffryHouser Mar 6 '12 at 16:12
Pretty much what Flextras said, your AIR application should have its gateway endpoint hardcoded in it, either directly in AS code, or in a service description XML file. Your gateway is not going to change, if it does, either use a domain name instead of IP (GOOD) or force update of your application if it cannot connect to the backend anymore (BAD). – Adnan Doric Mar 7 '12 at 13:08
But I want to deploy my AIR application in a closed network environment. We sell this server/client application, so I have no idea what server ip address will be used. There is no need to hardcode the ip address, also not for the web application (We use spring actionscript and load it from a properties file). – Wim Deblauwe Mar 7 '12 at 15:02

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